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Pattison Health and SafetyDr. Pattison is a high energy presenter with 13 years of clinical experience, 10 years of exercise instruction and 15 years of professional speaking experience. Being the unique combination of a biomechanic and a fitness leader has enabled him to create several entertaining and informative presentations.

The Lazy Health Nut – Adopting a healthy lifestyle that is easy to swallow.

  • Are employee absence and employee retention important issues in your organization?
  • Healthy employees make happier, more productive employees.
  • The Lazy Health Nut is a 90 minute look at health and fitness that is easy to swallow.
  • Doc puts complex subject matter into every day language

Bullet Proof Your Back Back Pain Prevention and Safety

  • 1/3 people will suffer a debilitating episode of back pain in their life.
  • 1/8 people at any given time are experiencing some degree of back pain.
  • 1/4 WCB claims are due to low back pain.
  • 13 days median and 47 days average time is lost per back related WCB claim. Worksafe BC 2002
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Pattison on healthy eating at the workplace

Employees spend an average of 60% of their waking hours at work. That means they most likely eat at least one meal at work and probably most snacks. The availability of healthy food choices in your vending machines, cafeterias and meetings can help employees to make wise food choices.